HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- Neighbors in the Birkdale Village neighborhood of Huntersville say they have never seen anything like it. Saturday afternoon, many were out enjoying the sunny skies along Camberly Road for a pre-St. Paddy's Day block party of sorts.

Then around 5:30, they witnessed a car barreling down their street, traveling 30 to 40 mph.

One mother came out and talk to her and said, Hey, there are kids playing here; you are driving too fast, says Mike DiBenidictus.

DiBenidictus says she, the driver, became belligerent. She refused the help of others when they offered to call her a taxi or give her a ride.

Chris Boggiano said she came close to striking two children, before coming dangerously close to his family, including his 18-month old daughter.

In the video, you could see that plastic car, my daughter was in that 20 seconds before, says Boggiano.

The concerned father then decided to pull out his cellphone and capture the incident. She is seen snapping the bolt that secured the steel barricade. She plowed right through it and was seen speeding off onto the greenway.

DiBenedictus immediately took after her on his bicycle.

She proceeded to move toward other people walking on the greenway, we yelled again and some people had to jump out of the way, he said.

The driver then drove about a mile on the greenway before taking off her right rear door panel along a the bridge over the drainage pond. She soon disappeared.

The 22-second video has been viewed thousands of times since being uploaded. Boggiano hopes the public can help track the driver down, or that she turns herself in.

I want to know-- what was she thinking, he says. I don't know if she has kids, but how would you feel? It's a terrible feeling.

The car criss-crossed along the border of Cornelius and Huntersville; Cornelius PD is investigating this as a hit and run of property.

Officers ran the license plate and found the car does not match the registration information. They, however, hope someone will notice the extensive damage to the silver Acura.

It is missing a rear door panel, a mirror and passenger window. If you have any information, call Cornelius Police.

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