CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If you have ever looked skyward and wondered what it would be like to head for the stars, then you share a dream with the members of the Victory Christian Rocketry Team.

The team returned to Charlotte around 2 a.m. Monday morning after a week long competition in Huntsville Alabama.

The event was sponsored by NASA, and featured more than 100 teams from across the country.

To see that we could make something go a mile in the air with our bare hands instead of watching somebody else do it, let me know we could do whatever we put our mind too, said Dequan Mitchell, a VCC team member.

The team has its share of science and math geeks; like Jonathan Harris who resembles a football player but wants to be an astrophysicist.

It's a lot of math involved you have to figure out what size parachute you need, too small a parachute your rocket will come down too fast, said Harris.

The team took eight months to build a nine foot rocket. The moments before launch were very scary, because the rocket in front of them blew up on the pad.

I was like please, I was very nervous and after the launch -- whew, said Nhi Tran a team member.

That was not the end of the drama, in a one in a million shot; the rocket hit a vulture, but continued to climb.

We hit a bird, I was like oh my god, we killed a bird we murdered it, said Tran.

The team attracted a lot of attention not just for their lime green crayola looking rocket, but also for their teamwork.

The other teams voted VCC the top team at the competition. Te-Ericka Jackson hopes they are setting an example for other inner city youth.

While we were at NASA I didn't see a lot of minorities there and we do need to get into that, I mean it s our country too and we need to help out, said Jackson.

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