MINT HILL, N.C. -- A fight that happened among four male students Wednesday at Rocky River High School in Mint Hill has garnered more attention after clips of the incident were posted on YouTube.

The video shows hundreds of students packed in the hallway as the fight took place.

It happened Wednesday, during class change. Many students captured the fight on their cell phone cameras.

I was just standing with my friends and all of a sudden I saw someone get hit and it just migrated down the hallway, said Senior James Marine.

He says he was just several feet away from the fight, and never felt like he was in danger.

He is upset how such a video can damage the reputation of the school.

It makes us look like a bad school. We are not a bad school, there are just some bad kids, he said.

The district says no students were hurt.

Two of the resource officers at the school were immediately called, but the video shows nearby teachers breaking up the fight.

The district says school administrators and resource officers gauge each situation when a fight breaks out, and seeks reinforcements if necessary.

Mint Hill Police were called in, and the district contends, order was established.

All four students have been suspended. It is unclear what prompted the fight.

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