CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Police in Charlotte's Westover Division are concerned about a spike in car break-ins.

Be a hard target. Don't make yourself an easy target, said Lt. Alex Watson. They start seeing goodies lying around. Things they can get a quick buck at a pawn shop. They are going to smash that window and get in there.

Because of the spike and the July 4th holiday, police are going to pay special attention to parking lots along the Lynx Light Rail Line.

All officers that are assigned to the division, they are going to be stationed at various locations. They have been directed to be extremely focused on parking lots, said the lieutenant.

Investigators have solved some of the cases. One of the suspects they are looking for is 27-year-old Brandon Vereen. He's also a suspect in some Salisbury cases.

Officers have also placed signs along Scaleybark Road to let residents know about the problem and remind them not to leave anything valuable in their cars.

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