KANNAPOLIS, N.C. -- A Kannapolis police officer and his wife will stay in jail for now after waiving their detention hearing Friday morning. They're charged with having and distributing child pornography.

Everybody is just shocked this happened because there were no indicators whatsoever, said Kannapolis Police Chief Woody Chavis.

Chief Chavis says as soon as they were contacted by a source and told officer Steve Webb and his wife Tracy were in possession of child pornography, they called the federal officials.

We don't stand for that. That's against everything that the police stand for, said Chief Chavis.

Monday, the FBI arrested the couple at their home, charging them with receiving, possessing and distributing child porn. Friday morning Steve and Tracy Webb waived their detention hearing.

It's in the client's best interest to do so. The investigation is ongoing. We don't know where the charges are going, said Webb s attorney, Joe Ledford.

In the Kannapolis neighborhood where the Webbs rented a home for the past year, neighbors say they didn't see them and their three children out much interacting with neighbors, but they also didn't expect something like this.

It's just a sad situation that occurred, especially being a police officer, someone that most people look up to, said neighbor Bruce Lofty.

The couple's three children are now 15, 19 and 20 years old. Authorities confirm the FBI seized a hard drive from the home that had videos of children having sex. Now Chief Chavis wants to know if Webb ever abused his position while on the job.

That's what we want to know, if he has done anything while he was on duty or representing us. We need to. If anybody has any information we'd love for them to contact us and let us know, said Chief Chavis.

Webb has been an officer with Kannapolis since 2008. Before that he worked as an officer in Ohio.

Their case will now be moved to middle district in Greensboro since they live in Kannapolis.

The Catawba County Sheriff's Office is also conducting a state investigation.

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