CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The North Carolina Republican Party has moved to distance itself from a series of ugly, sexist tweets issued under the GOP name against an Asheville legislator, calling her a shrew and an argument for eugenics.

We do not condone the comments of this group that is not affiliated with the North Carolina Republican Party, and have no control over account names of twitter handles that get registered on the social media platform, said NC GOP spokesman Mike Rusher in an e-mail statement to NBC Charlotte.

The second tweet was still around Monday morning under the feed of @wncgop but someone has taken down the first tweet which was grabbed Thursday night in a screen capture before it disappeared:

The tweets were sent during the floor debate in the contentious last hours of the 2013 legislative session.

Representative Susan Fisher is a six-term member of the house elected from Asheville.

It was quite upsetting, she said in a telephone interview.

They re from the dark ages. Rep. Fisher traces the animosity to her delivery of a petition containing thousands of signatures supporting a woman s right to abortion to Speaker Thom Tillis office when no one was present in the office.

She says the only response she has received from Tillis is a rules change prohibiting any member from entering another member s office when the office is unoccupied.

We need a speaker who will respond to their constituents, she said. He needs to think about this in terms of his run for the U.S. Senate.

The anonymous tweeter who wrote the tweet under the name @wncgop did not respond to direct messages requesting comment.

NC GOP spokesman Mike Rusher responded by e-mail noting the account is not officially affiliated with the GOP but did not comment on the contents of the tweet.

It s not hard to denounce that (statement), said Benjamin Ray, an NC Democratic Party spokesman. I don t know what avenues we d have to shut down something like that but Lord knows we d try.

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