CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- Tucked around in back of the Northside Baptist Church in Hidden Valley is a small but growing farmers market.

There is a reason the church wanted to have this type of market in a neighborhood where life can be a daily struggle.

Tod Skinner is the Community Pastor and he said, We're just trying to let people know there is a better way that they can eat, and these people here are providing a place for them to come.

Farmers like John Carroll from Kings Mountain haul in fresh produce for sale every Wednesday afternoon.

He says he also makes some new friends.

Everybody has been really receptive of us. Real nice. As far as I am concerned, I didn't know it was a bad neighborhood, Carroll said.

There have been three different shootings in two months that have killed four people.

The latest was Tuesday night when a man was shot during a robbery at a gas station not far from where the Church is located.

The church is hoping the farmers market will attract people who are tired of all the fast food restaurants in the neighborhood.

Church member Shieterrick Melton said, To be able to provide that for a community that hasn't always had the best reputation is awesome.

Patricia Wademi brought her son to the market and said she hoped it would be a permanent fixture.

It means everything. You can get fresh food and it is real, she said.

The market is open every Wednesday in the parking lot behind the church, located at 333 Jeremiah Boulevard in North Charlotte.

The market is open each Wednesday from 3:00 until 6:00 pm.

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