CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's been one year since thousands of people flooded into Charlotte as the Democratic National Convention got under way.

It seems impossible. Democratic mayoral Candidate Patrick Cannon said, It doesn t seem like it, seems like it was just here yesterday.

A year ago, Charlotte was gearing up to welcome the world to the Democratic National Convention.

It was a game changer for Charlotte, obviously redefined who we are globally, Republican candidate Edwin Peacock said.

There were the parties and the protests, famous faces and political heavyweights.

Mother Nature was memorable, too, though for all the wrong reasons.

But the big take away?

Peacock said, We got this monkey off our back to say, who is Charlotte? I don t think we have to put North Carolina at end of our name anymore.

Some will say we made a case for hosting other bigger events like the Super Bowl or even the Olympics.

Cannon said, We re looking for some good things yet to come as a result of DNC coming here.

But not enough hotel rooms, perhaps the biggest challenge during the DNC, remains an issue.

Still, the most annoying part of the convention-- the fences, seems a distant memory now.

Those barricades were everywhere...but you know what, we were a safe place, Cannon remembers.

Peacock smiles when he points out, They saw what I ve always seen: Charlotte is a very efficient, southern city. It just could not have been a better convention.

One where Charlotte shined.

What was not to like about the DNC? There was so much going on... activities... people converged on Charlotte and many said we never knew you all existed like you do as a crown jewel.

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