YORK, S.C. -- The defense has rested in the trial of a woman accused of hatching a plot to kill her boyfriend.

Julia Phillips did not take the stand Wednesday. She explained her choice not to testify, saying that she had been up praying about it.

When asked if she knew of her rights to testify or not testify, Phillips rose from her seat and told the court, I've been up since 4 a.m. praying, and I think the best thing for me would be to not testify.

In the end, the woman facing murder charges for the death of former York mayor Melvin Roberts said she put her faith in God. I think I've discussed everything, Phillips said.

She then added, Like I've said, I'm a Christian and I place my confidence in God, not the court.

Her defense lawyer called one witness to the stand. The forensic expert in gunshot residue said some agencies would not state that Phillips had residue on her clothes.

David Roberts, son of Melvin Roberts who Phillips is accused of killing said he had been waiting since the day Dad died to hear what Phillips had to say.

He acknowledged that he and the rest of his family may never hear from Phillips, regardless of what happens after a verdict is reached.

Closing arguments will begin Thursday morning at 9:30.

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