CHARLOTTE, NC -- LivingSocial deals and other websites like it are a great way to get big discounts, but what happens when the vendor offering the good deal doesn t follow through, even after you paid for it?

You go on these sites looking for a good deal and it s usually a win-win for everyone. The vendor sells a lot, and you typically get a very good deal.

Steve Gray thought he was getting a good deal for a $59 detailed car wash he bought on LivingSocial, but he says after a month of not being able to contact the vendor to redeem his carwash, he gave up.

When Steve wanted his money back, he says LivingSocial only offered him a credit to the same business. Why would I want an extension of the deal that wouldn t work? says Steve.

The NBC Charlotte I-Team contacted LivingSocial and explained the situation. Citing good customer service, they decided to refund Steve his $59.00.

LivingSocial wrote: I checked in to the promotion we ran with Top of the Line Earlier this year. In this case, there were other customers who had similar issues with redemption and scheduling their servicing. Because of that, we are offering refunds to any customer who has been unable to use their voucher based on similar problems they simply need to contact us at We have already taken care of the credit card refund for Mr. Gray. Our consumer services team has just emailed him to let him know that the refund is being processed. Ensuring a good customer experience is extremely important to us. We are sorry for the inconvenience, and really appreciate the merchant feedback.

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