LANCASTER, S.C. The biological father and grandmother of a nine-month old infant are behind bars charged with kidnapping the baby.

According to Lancaster Police, the incident happened on Halloween night when the Father, Daquavius Wade, made a request to see son for trick or treating.

Police said the mother took the child to see his father, but during that time an argument ensued and Wade forcibly took the infant from his mother.

As the mother attempted to call police, the father allegedly snatched her phone as well.

Investigators said they made contact with the grandmother, Tonya Ross, to ask about the child but she became increasingly uncooperative.

Warrants were then obtained on Wade for kidnapping, and on Ross for accessory to kidnapping after the fact.

Police said as they attempted to enter the Grandmother s home she refused to open the door and submit to arrest.

Officers then forced entry into the residence and the Wade and Ross were taken into custody.

The child was located inside the home and returned to the mother unharmed.

Both Wade and Ross are currently incarcerated at the Lancaster County Detention Center, their bonds have been denied.

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