FORT MILL, S.C. -- Twenty-four years of local baseball history is being sold off piece by piece this weekend at Knights Stadium in Fort Mill.

Saturday's stadium item auction will help clear the way for new development, as well as help the Charlotte Knights move into their new $54 million stadium in Uptown. Up to 600 people are expected to bid on various items, from refrigeration to cleats.

This is an awesome piece, Kathy Shivers said while looking at a kitchen sink. Shivers plans to bid on items to help her open a tearoom in Columbia, S.C.

There are warmers, ice machines, table and chairs, picnic tables. You could get what you need from a hand sink down to a mop bucket.

The team has about a thousand items for sale after taking what it needed to the team's new stadium, BB&T Ballpark, in Uptown.

The Knights say they don't know how much money they will make from the auction. It depends upon what people bid, but the money will help pay for the team's transition.

We're selling memories and there are a lot of memories here, said Tommy Viola with the Charlotte Knights.

Memorabilia includes jerseys, bats and cleats. You can even get a locker and a hot dog roller.

Some of those items caught Ed Miller's eye. He lives a couple minutes away and has been to about 30 games at Knights Stadium over the years with his kids.

So I'm trying to get an older piece of memorabilia that you can hold onto that our kids can say 'hey, I remember going to that stadium when we lived really close.'

One thing Miller or anyone else can't bid on are stadium seats. They're bolted down and not part of the auction. It's one thing Miller really had his eyes on.

Put in a man cave, or the garage or something like that, so that would have been a nice thing to have, he said.

Miller will still have his memories. What he takes home from the old Knights Stadium depends upon how much he wants to spend, and who might outbid him.

Registration for Saturday's auction starts here at 9 a.m. The auction itself starts at 11 a.m.

Cato Corporation bought the stadium property from York County and will take it over next year with plans to spend millions on a new distribution center plus shops and offices.

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