CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Family members who claim they were trying to help a homeless and pregnant teenager by giving her a place to live say they've been unfairly evicted from their apartment complex where that teen was murdered.

Ondrea Stevenson, 19, was shot and killed as she slept last Wednesday morning at the Little Rock Apartments. Her killer has not been caught. Neighbors believe the bullets were meant for Stevenson's boyfriend because they say men came to the apartment two nights in a row prior to the shooting looking for him.

Stevenson was in the living room of the apartment Carla Craig shared with her two daughters and four grandchildren.

The eviction process against the Craig family started hours after Stevenson's murder.

Craig says what happened was a tragedy, but they weren't responsible for it and feel they shouldn't be evicted for it.

A church is putting the family up in a motel, but that help is running out soon and the family isn't sure where to go.

It's not fair at all, Carla Craig said.

She says the apartment manager told her the family had to be out soon.

She didn't even say are you alright? Is everybody fine? She just walked in and said you have ten days, said Craig.

The family had more time to stay but says they left that day out of fear for their own safety.

Craig admits her daughter, who signed the lease, had twice been cited before the shooting for having people loiter outside the apartment.

But they were just something that was common, it was nothing serious, she said.

The gunfire is something Craig never expected and says her family wasn't part of this except as victims.

They were asleep. Everybody was asleep, she said

I think they got put out behind something that wasn't their fault, a neighbor said.

They were just trying to help somebody, said another neighbor.

Now the family, which includes four children, ages 1 to 3, is sleeping at a motel near Clanton Road.

A St. Mark's United Methodist Church member is paying for the stay, which ends Wednesday night. The church itself is paying for a week's stay at a different motel.

After that, the Craig family doesn't know where they will be.

We were planning to have Christmas and everything. Now we can t have Christmas because we don't have anywhere to go, but there is still a God up above so I know he will provide for us, said Craig.

The Little Rock Apartments are HUD, multi-family Section 8 housing managed by a different company.

Housing officials say the eviction is because the lease clearly prohibits unauthorized guests, and Stevenson was that unauthorized guest who along with her boyfriend loitered and led to the Craigs' citations.

Officials also say the apartment manager spoke to the Craig family several times about Stevenson staying with them and reviewed the eviction with an attorney.

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