So you had one too many and now you're suffering. It's a classic hangover.

If you end up having a little too much champagne ringing in the new year this weekend, there is an easy way to undo some of the damage.

Dr. Michael Oshinsky specifically studies hangover headaches. He says the first thing a person should do is drink water, because too much alcohol is dehydrating.

Ibuprofen or Aspirin would be a good idea soon after finishing alcohol, says Dr. Oshinsky.

Any pain killer that's a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory will work. But Oshinsky's research on rats finds when you take the pain killer matters. Take it right away if you've only had a little alcohol.

If a person drinks a small amount of alcohol than the headache will come sooner, says Dr. Oshinsky.

If you've drank a lot of alcohol, he recommends taking the pain killer/non-steroidal anti-inflammatory four to six hours later, along with caffeine.

But there is one treatment you should absolutely avoid.

Alcohol puts a strain on the liver, so avoid painkillers containing acetaminophen which is metabolized by the liver.

A person shouldn't drink and take acetaminophen after, it's a potentially toxic combination, warns Dr. Oshinsky.

As far as home remedies go, Alka Seltzer has been a favorite cure for years. Researchers in South Korea swear by asparagus. There's also a new product sold on the Internet called Blowfish that combines Aspirin and caffeine.

To avoid a hangover in the first place, you could try not not drinking. If you do drink, be sure to eat something. Limit alcoholic drinks to one per hour and and have a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume.

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