UNIONCOUNTY, N.C. -- Three Union County residents are accused of trying to defraud an insurance company out of thousands of dollars.

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner, Wayne Goodwin, announced Thursday the arrest of Marshville residents, Shane Coleman Glenn, 29, Christina Marie Stegall, 30, and Wesley Allen Scarbrough, 30, of Monroe.

Glenn and Stegall filed the claim with RepWest Insurance Company stating last January, the driver of a U-Haul rear-ended their vehicle near the intersection of Albermarle and W.T.Harris Boulevard in east Charlotte.

Scarbrough was driving the truck police say was rented for the sole purpose of carrying out the scheme.

The arrest warrant states, Glenn, in a recorded statement with a claims adjuster, pretended he did not know the U-Haul lessee, when it turn the vehicle collision was an orchestrated staged collision by him.

Marni Schribman of the North Carolina Department of Insurance says investigating insurance fraud is just one of the way to protect consumers and business community.

The agency currently employs 20 officers in its criminal investigations division.

A lot of the times we are alerted to these cases by members of the insurance industry, whether it's agents, and brokers. They let us know when they sense something is suspicious, she said.

In this case, a series of e-mails to the claims adjuster pushing for a quick payment, raised red flags, prompting the investigation.

The Department of Insurance criminal investigators began looking into the case in March of last year, filing the warrants this month.

The agency estimates 10 cents of every dollar paid in premiums goes towards the payment of fraudulent claims.

The agency recorded 231 arrests and 85 convictions in 2013, slightly up from previous years.

We do notice in times of economic hardships these crimes tend to happen frequently, said Schribman.

So it does actually affect the everyday consumers, the people who are honest, and yes, we are harshly going after these situations, she said.

Glenn and Stegall has been charged with one count of insurance fraud. Scarbrough was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit insurance fraud.

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