CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- When Alpo and Margie Crane bought their home in the Greenwood neighborhood on Providence Road in 1998, they knew they d found a treasure tucked away in this quiet south Charlotte community.

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The home, built in the 1950s, has been featured in magazines and newspapers.

It s a replica of Harrietta, a renowned south Carolina plantation home.

It had not been modernized since 1957, said Alpo.

So, when it came time to updating it, they were careful, wanting to keep the charm of this Carolina mansion and its history.

Even the brick work in the kitchen, we didn't touch that, he added.

The Cranes said the original homeowners were friends with Ruth Graham, the late wife of Reverend Billy Graham.

The two ladies were writing back and forth because the Grahams were working on their Montreat house at the time that this home was built, said Margie Crane.

She said they shared decorating ideas and because of their special connection, the Crane s home has something in common with the Graham s.

That wonderful mantle over the fireplace with her favorite hymn, 'a mighty fortress is our God', which is done beautifully in German, said Margie.

Her husband added, These are the originals: the one in the Montreat home and ours.

Margie said, The Graham's admired that so much that either they gave one to them or they told them of the artist that actually had done that mantle. I'm not sure how that story went but they both have one.

Something else you ll find in this historic home but you d have a hard time finding in a home built today: very unique window shutters.
To duplicate that nowadays would be rather expensive, and of course, it steals a lot of space from the room... probably takes 18 to 20 inches of space just to have that thing, said Alpo.

And then there s the dumb waiter-- that s actually kind of smart. It s an elevator for things like your groceries that transports them from, in this case, the garage to the kitchen.

It was 15 years ago, and I said we don't need that, added Margie.

She has since changed her mind.

I'm so pleased that it's there now because you put your groceries in, and boom! They come right up in your kitchen area...Usually, I can fit all my groceries in here, she said.

Just shy of 7,000 square feet, this multi-million dollar mansion sits on 20 acres.

There s a swimming pool and cabana with a sauna.

There s also a log cabin that s about 700 square feet.

It makes you feel like you ve taken a trip to the mountains.

We do have quite a bit of wildlife here.

From deer to fox, even an owl, there is certainly a lot to take in at this estate.

We basically use all the rooms in here. We don't find that we have to look for each other. Sometimes we do, but maybe that's our memories failing, Alpo joked.

I'm usually looking for you, added his wife.

Because the Crane s don t need all of that space anymore, they re looking to downsize.

They ve put their home on the market for $6.9 million.

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