ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Three home invasions in five hours, and police say the same men are responsible.

One of the suspects told each victim, while pointing a gun at them, that he was doing it to feed his kids.

I was in the bed and it sounded like somebody beating on the door with an axe, Lucille Rains stated while sitting in her Rock Hill living room.

She was just one of the victims of an overnight crime spree that stretched a few blocks and went on for several hours.

Tiffany Blakely knew something was wrong.

I heard a loud boom over my baby monitor.

She was terrified when she saw that two men had kicked in her front door with her 2-week-old son asleep not far away.

I was scared to death, I was just worried about my kids, I wasn t worried about anything else, she says.

The men were dressed in all black, wearing gloves and ski masks and one pointed a gun at the young mom, demanding money.

Rains, too, was terrified.

I was scared to death, I was in shock; I didn t want to get killed so I decided I'd play along with him. He said I don t want to shoot nobody tonight. I said well I hope not.

One of the suspects told all the victims the same thing.

He said I need some money to feed my baby.

No one at any of the three houses was hurt.

Police are investigating and say they believe the same men were responsible for all three home invasions.

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