HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- Just a few days into summer vacation, the Andersons were coming from the grocery store Monday morning when they first saw the warning signs: a window screen broken and the door wide open at their home on Hambright Road.

I had the groceries in my hand. We got about right here [to the gate]and went 'Oh my gosh' and then we backed back out, Cheri Anderson described.

The family went next door while they waited for police, fearing that someone was still inside. Once they went in, they found a laptop and a TV stolen and their teenager son's room ransacked.

Just drawers pulled out, stuff scattered all over the room, boxes dumped out. They'd just gone through looking for anything they can find, Caleb Anderson said. We worked for this stuff, and they take whatever they can find and then go trade it for drugs, pawn it, money, whatever.

Cheri Anderson tells us police were still at her house when they got another call for a similar break-in on New Bond Road about a mile away. Total, police tell us, they responded to four burglaries on Hambright Road plus the New Bond break-in. All of them happened between 8:30 and 11:30 a.m. Monday. Flat screen TVs, computers, jewelry and a handgun were stolen.

Police are still looking for whoever is behind them. Most of these people had their houses locked up. They were forced entry into them, but hopefully people will watch each other's houses and call us if they see anything suspicious, Huntersville Police Lt. Ken Richardson said.

You can contact Huntersville Police by calling 911 or calling 704-875-6542.

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