ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Flyers left in mailboxes in York County are prompting a warning to be wary from Rock Hill Schools.

The flyer says it s from people claiming to look for donations to the district s Back the Pack program, which feeds needy kids over the weekend during the school year when they can t eat at school.

District officials say the flyers aren t theirs and it is not how the district operates.

Gladys Blake says she found a flyer in her mailbox.

I realized it's not something I contributed to, she said.

Blake threw the flyer away and did not set food out to be collected at her mailbox as the flyer suggested.

I think it was a scam. I really don't think it was with the school district. I'd really like to know who is doing it, Blake said.

The district says it doesn't know who created the flyers, but it wasn't them or their parent-teacher organizations as far as they know.

When the district hands information about Back the Pack out, is looks completely different and isn't put in mailboxes.

We never send out solicitations throughout the community asking people to give food or leave food at their mailboxes. We've never done that, said Community Services Director Serena Williams.

The flyers ended up in two Rock Hill neighborhoods and one in Ft. Mill.

The Rock Hill flyers include an at your mailbox pickup date from last weekend.

The district says it doesn't know if people donated then. But if they did, the food didn't end up in the district's possession, where it's discretely put in student book bags while they're not in the classroom.

We didn't want anyone confused with our process here and Rock Hill Schools, we give food while school is in session, Williams said.

If someone is handing the flyers out because their kids need food when school is out, the district says it will refer them to summer food programs.
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