CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Enderly Park Community in west Charlotte has had its share of problems through the years: drugs, gangs and crime.

There is a lot of youth related drug crime and some gang issues as well, said Lt. Blake Hollar of CMPD S Metro Division.

Last Wednesday, officers raided a home in the 3100 block of Tuckaseegee Road and seized more than 20 guns, including some assault rifles, and arrested seven suspects.

On Tuesday, NBC Charlotte went back to the neighborhood.

On any given day, you can find 74-year-old Geraldine Rowell picking wild blackberries out of her yard.

I think it s wonderful that they did what they did, she said.

Rowell has lived in Enderly Park for 24 years and is across the street from the house that was raided.

I didn t know I was a fool sitting right there one of those stray bullets might have hit me. I didn t know nothing about all that.

Police believe the guns were destined for the drug business all over Charlotte, not just in Enderly Park.

Officers are hoping the raid makes a difference.

You ve got a lot of neighborhood cliques that are characterized as gangs. I would not say a huge national affiliation at this point, said the lieutenant.

Katrina Delaney says that things are quieter since the bust.

I believe, and I truly thank the officers that did that, whoever snitched or told because you got to have an inside person, said Delaney.

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