NEWTON, N.C. -- A year before she was found dead in her Newton apartment, a homicide victim, 31-year old Margret Daniels had been concerned about her safety living in that complex.

A search of her Twitter account showed that a year ago she received a message from a close friend who wrote, Be careful with your neighbor you mentioned. Would really encourage you to think about a self-defense class and to give serious consideration to other measures to protect yourself.

Newton Police would not comment on the tweet but did say they could find no record that Daniels had ever called the department for help of any kind.

Newton Police returned again to Daniels' apartment complex.

There were as many as four unmarked units that revisited some of the same apartments where they had been asking questions last week.

At Newton Conover High School, Daniels' family arrived with a police escort to attend a memorial service.

The school gym holds 1,500 people. The room was filled with friends and former students who came to share memories and celebrate the life of the young teacher who went on to become a guidance counselor.

School Superintendent Dr. David Stegall said, There won't be a replacement. She will leave a void both in the classroom and in the lives of all those she came in contact with.

That includes students like Amanda Beverly, who drew a picture of her former teacher and basketball coach to give to the Daniels family.

She was very heart warming. If you were in a bad mood, you just had to see her smile and it instantly brightened her day.

A teaching assistant who also worked with Daniels, Monica Setzer, said of Daniels, Maggie was a very sweet individual. She had a heart of gold.
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