TEGA CAY, S.C. -- Mary Eisele says the things she has seen come out of her sewer pump in Tega Cay will make your stomach turn.

Toilet paper, other things, she said. Some yucky stuff.

Eisele says spills have happened in her backyard several times in the year she's lived on Lake Wylie.

Those spills end up in the lake where the bacteria can make swimmers sick.

Nobody wants to swim in it, that's for sure, Eisele said.

Overall, South Carolina health officials say there have been about 132 sewage spills in Lake Wylie dating back the last decade.

Some small, some large, some not reported by Carolina Water Services, prompting a recent $22,000 fine.

It is difficult to keep track of them all, but that's what we're working with them on because they should be able to, said Anne McGovern with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

We complained and complained and complained, Eisele said.

Residents complained even more at a neighborhood meeting Monday, where state health officials said Carolina Water Services can't just react to sewer problems -- it has to do a better job preventing them with more scheduled cleaning and monitoring.

And, officials said the sewage company must report all spills no matter the size.

I'll be very surprised if that happens, Eisele said.

Neighbors want a new sewer system instead of the 1960s version they have now. But what they're about to get is a bigger bill -- 18 percent bigger -- for that same sewer service.

We're going to get a Band-Aid, Eisele said.

DHEC says it can't force Carolina Water Services to overhaul the old sewer system, but says it can have the company increase its preventive maintenance or risk getting punished if it doesn't.

Neighbors say they aren't happy with the state's preventive maintenance and enforcement answer. Both sides plan to get together in three months to go over specifics.

We were not able to get in touch with Carolina Water Services for this story. DHEC says the company paid the $22,000 fine and met all of the state's remedies.

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