HICKORY, N.C.-- Zahra Baker's step-mother, Elisa Baker,was questioned by police for hours Friday while her husband, Adam Baker, faced a judge in Catawba County.

Elisa Baker was questioned by police at the Hickory Police Department with her attorney present.

The local district attorney was there as well.

Earlier in the day Adam Baker appeared in Catawba County Court.

The only thing Adam Baker and his mother said is they're not talking.

Only a few questions answered in court and that's because Adam Baker had to answer a judge about which attorney is representing him.

There were no questions answered leaving the building either.

When an entire town wants to know what happened to Zahra Baker, neighbors say Adam Baker, as a father, should know something about his daughter.

The lack of answers has left them angry.

It makes me sick, it literally makes me sick, says Courtney Hill.

That's what I want to know, who did it? says Jennifer Thompson.

Adam Baker previously said it wasn't him, while suggesting Elisa could be involved.

He's not been arrested or charged with anything relating to Zahra's death.

Given that, neighbors wonder, 'why not talk?'

It makes you look guilty if you don't answer questions, it really does, says Thompson.

It's tearing it apart. We love our children here. Hickory is a small town and this stuff doesn't happen here, says Maria Kirby

Adam Baker is due back in court in January on the bad check charges.

NewsChannel 36 asked police about whether they plan to charge Elisa Baker for bigamy, since it appears she was still married to another man when she married Adam.

Police say it's not high on the priority list for now, but might be something they look into later.

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