CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Several celebrities including Fantasia Barrino and Ric Flair call Charlotte home. And now Hollywood couple Jason Sehorn and Angie Harmon do too.

The couple is still unpacking and chose Charlotte to raise their three young daughters.

I m not raising them in Los Angeles. You have to look for a place that minimizes the riff raff and I think this place is that, Sehorn said. It s a big enough city that you have a lot going on, but at the same point and time you still feel like there s a country feel to it or a family feel.

Sehorn said he and his wife felt Charlotte was the best city to raise their kids. Their youngest daughter is 2.

Harmon co-stars with Sasha Alexander in the TNT series Rizzoli & Isle. Most of the filming is done in the summer.

She ll have to go back next year and film out there, Sehorn said. It will be a little difficult in the beginning because she ll film for a month while the kids are still in school.

Retired from the NFL, Sehorn said he wants to be hands on dad.

The NFL afforded me a great opportunity to be a father. I didn t have to immediately find something to do. I got to take time, Sehorn said. From everything I ve been told, and I m not there yet, this is the time you want to spend with your kids because when they get to be teenagers they don t want anything to do with you.

Sehorn said he enjoyed his time with the NFL, but he doesn t see himself returning in any capacity, including a coaching role.

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