Greetings and TGIF Everybody!

Seeing as though Valentine s Day is just around the corner, and I just read a story about Valentine s Day spending going UP this year (the average person will spend $116....whaaaat??) I figured we should start off with a great Valentine s Day Deal that won t cost you a THING.

Get a free Denny s Pancake Puppies Sundae here.

You can even send a free V-Day e-card at their site too.

Has anyone notice the popularity of Greek yogurt these days? Our 5 and 6 p.m. producers and I adore the FAGE brand of 2 percent yogurt. You can stir fruit bits into because it s thick and tastes like dessert. (But shockingly, it only contains 120 calories! If I didn t work in news, I would do an ad for them.)

The Greek products company Athenos makes feta cheese and different products, but also makes a Greek yogurt you can usually find for about a $1 at Wal-Mart or on sale at your local grocery store. Using these coupons, it ll be free, or nearly free!

This Facebook coupon is for $2 off any two products.

Here s another $2 off two coupon you can print out as well.

The Emergen-C fizzy vitamin drink mix sample I mentioned a couple months ago is back! Check it out here.

Oh, and I can t help but show this to you all. As I was doing my freebie research today, I came across this recipe.

It s a Valentine s Day cake recipe for Red Velvet and Ketchup! Mmm...nothing says baby, I love you, like baked goods made of a tomato-based condiment!

Have a great weekend everyone. Bobby and I are emceeing the Cupid s Cup 5k this Saturday morning... and since Bobby and some of my co-workers are running in it too, I somehow decided (perhaps against my better judgment since I haven t ran more than a mile and a half in YEARS) to join in too.

Here we go!


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