ROCKWELL, N.C. - A local man feels cheated after spending 25 years fighting for justice for his brother only to see the accused killer pass away before her trial.

Some call her the black widow.

Betty Neumar the Stanly county woman who married five men who all died under unusual circumstances including her fourth husband Harold Gentry who was shot six times in 1986.

His brother's been fighting to see Neumar pay ever since and Wednesday night he spoke for the first time since Betty Neumar died.

It s over, he said quietly.

Al Gentry sits at his Rockwell kitchen table with his wife on his side, his gun on the red and white checkered tablecloth between them. For three years now he s made sure the gun was always within reach.

The district attorney told him he was in danger back in 2009 after Gentry helped finally put Betty Neumar in jail.

Everywhere I go, he said I don't care where you are, you carry it with you, you have it on you.

Gentry was at her bond hearing.

She read my lips, I said gotcha, and god she wanted to kill me!

Neumar was charged with hiring someone to kill Gentry's big brother Harold.

He was shot six times, one in here, back of head, 4 in his back.

Gentry said he remembers the day in 1986 when he made a promise standing over his brothers casket.

He was my brother, he was my brother and I promised him...I said Harold, if I outlive her, I ll find out who done it.

Looking into his brothers death, he found others. All five of Neumar's husbands died under mysterious circumstances but the so called black widow was never charged with a crime until Al Gentry pushed the

Until I got her and she didn't like it, she did not like it.

She was awaiting trial -- probably would have faced a jury in the next few months -- when she died this week in a Louisiana hospital.

I think she just flat beat us all. Because she died? She died, got away with it.

Though he's not sure exactly what he'll do now, he is sure he'll continue his search for answers.

I said I will find out, I won t quit, I ain't quit yet, it looks like its over with but I ain't quit, I don't quit on nothing.

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