CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's a small sacrifice for the 411 heroes that lost their lives on 9/11, but 40 firefighters and police officers are making the 1280-mile Brotherhood Bike Ride from Naples, Florida to the World Trade Center to remember the victims that died 10 years ago.

James Squitteri is one of just two Charlotte firefighters on the trek.Squitteri said he's participating to respect the families of those killed.

The more important thing other than the money we raise is the emotional support for those
families. You know, it's ten years later, Squitteri said.

Twenty different police and fire departments are represented from as far away as Arizona. Many
of the riders have never met each other before, but there's no denying the bond these men have.

You can meet fireman from anywhere in the country and stick them in a room together, and there is an immediate bond and an immediate brotherhood, and that brotherhood runs deep, said

It s a brotherhood that not only runs deep, but rides together as well.

It's just a humbling experience and [I'm] proud to be part of it, Squitteri added.

The ride is only open to police officers, firefighters and EMS workers. This year, more than $20,000 was raised. The money is all being donated to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and the Concernsof Police Survivors.

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