MONROE, N.C. -- Monroe police are investigating how a Marshville man ended up killed and dumped in Monroe.

They say he was left on the side of the road across from Monroe High School.

We're shocked, I can't believe it. We were about to go running in there now, but I guess now we'll have to change our plans, said jogger Heather McWhorter.

Frequent joggers in the Lakeview Estates neighborhood took a detour Friday morning after Monroe police blocked off the entrance around 6 a.m. when the body of 24-year-old Robert Smith was found on the side of the road.

We have ruled out that it is not a traffic accident. We have ruled that it is a homicide and it did not happen where we found the body. It happened somewhere else in the county, said Monroe Police Chief Debra Duncan.

It could be a couple reasons why. Could be because it's on the way to the hospital. There's all kinds of reasons why. Then again, they don't have to have a reason. When people do things like this, they can just pick a spot, said chief Duncan.

Two men claiming to be Smith's friends say he was from Marshville and married with five children. Police say they're still working to find out how and why smith was killed and who did it.

We're working with the State Bureau of Investigation and Union County Sherriff's Department to try to pinpoint everything downm said Duncan.

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