CONCORD, N.C. -- Cabarrus County Commissioner Chris Measmer got irritated at NewsChannel 36 questioning his possible intentions over 3.3 acres of land worth $82,000 which could soon go up for public auction on the courthouse steps.

Measmer told I-Team reporter Bill McGinty on Tuesday afternoon in the commissioner s driveway that he might make an offer on the land. But when pressed for an answer on how that might look to residents, Measmer denied ever saying it. In fact, Measmer said he has no intentions of making a bid on the land.

Jeff McKinney, who lives in the Cinnamon Hill subdivision and is concerned about the land being sold at auction, said he had a similar conversation with Commissioner Measmer just a few days ago.

He said he was thinking about buying the land for investment purposes, yes, said McKinney.

Measmer admitted that the land has value and will be a good investment for someone, but left the interview saying he has no intentions of making a bid for it.

That interview took place at a neighborhood meeting with Cabarrus County tax officials on Wednesday night. Residents from Cinnamon Hill are angry the county notified them by letter to tell them their common wooded area behind their homes could be sold at auction if the back taxes of almost $14,000 aren t paid in full.

Initially, the tax bill was a little over $8,000. But Wednesday night residents learned that the city taxes were also due, pushing the overall bill up.

The 3.3 acres of land quietly accrued back taxes because the builder deeded it to a homeowners association in 1991 that residents said they never knew existed, and remains inactive today.

One neighbor stood up and offered to buy the land tonight, but county officials said tonight s meeting isn t the place to make a sale or a buy.

The neighbors have options, which include reactivating their homeowners association and paying the back taxes and then filing for tax exempt status. Or, they can simply ignore the problem and let the land go to public auction.

If it does go to auction, anyone could step in and buy the land, and perhaps develop it. No decision was reached Wednesday but options are now on the table and things are in the open.

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