CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Police removed two people from a Charlotte City Council public hearing Monday night and later arrested one of them.

Michael Zytkow was charged with disrupting a public meeting after he refused to stop talking when his allotted three minutes were up.

The hearing was held to give the public a chance to speak for or against new crowd control measures that are being proposed ahead of the Democratic National Convention next September.

Many of those who spoke at the hearing were members of Occupy Charlotte, the group that has set up tents and tarps on the lawn of the old city hall on Trade Street.

The proposed ordinances would prohibit camping and would effectively shut the group down.

I say that city property is public property and people's property is public space, Scottie Wingfield, an Occupy Charlotte member, told council members.

Wingfield later was also removed from the hearing after attempting to speak again and then interrupting Mayor Anthony Foxx.

Wingfield agreed to leave the government center voluntarily and was not charged.

Many of the speakers worried that the proposed ordinances would curtail peaceful protests and free speech.

Mayor Foxx said the ordinances would not violate any constitutional rights.

The one area where government can place limits on speech isn't on the content, it is on the time, place and manner of the speech, the Mayor said.

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