CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory may have his campaign headquarters in Raleigh, but the former Mayor of Charlotte is still getting the largest chunk of his financial support from the Queen City.

McCrory raised $1.6 million from July through December 2011, according to a campaign finance report filed Monday. A NewsChannel 36 analysis found $201,298 of those donations, nearly one-eigth of the money McCrory has raised so far, came from 300 donors in Charlotte.

In all, one-fourth of the money given to McCrory s campaign came from North Carolina s three largest cities: Charlotte, Raleigh and Greensboro. The interactive chart below shows cities where 20 or more donors gave money.

The analysis only includes donations of more than $100. Campaigns don t have to report the names and addresses of donors who give less than that amount.

The interactive map below shows each the amount and number of donors from each city that gave to the Pat McCrory Committee. It also includes donors from outside of North Carolina, including Washington, DC and New York City.

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