CHARLOTTE, N.C. --Nearly 30,000 people drive Park Road to work, school and church during one day.

NewsChannel 36 s Ben Thompson took his radar gun to this latest Streets of Speed to find out if there's anything neighbors can do.

I m a little nervous, they might be texting, one neighbor said.

Drivers darting in and out of the four thin lanes of traffic have had many neighbors concerned about this area for a while.

NewsChannel 36 clocked one car going 47 in the 25 mph school zone.

Anita Hentrick drops her daughter off at Holy Trinity every morning.

They've got their giant backpacks on, she said. They re on this tiny sidewalk, they have to cross the street at some point, that worries me a lot.

The mile and a half stretch between Scott Avenue and Park Road shopping center has no turn lanes, and is usually 35 mph speed limit.

David Newton says just two lanes in each direction, and a turn lane in the middle, might discourage commuters.

NewsChannel 36 saw police several times during our shoot, but neighbors say when they do pull someone over it becomes a hazard itself.

If you look, there's no real place to pull anyone over right here, Newton said.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation said reducing the number of lanes is not realistic.

In this case, they say safety is a matter of driver responsibility and police enforcement.

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