CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Some local teens are causing quite a stir with their version of The Hunger Games movie.

Their film received more than 1.5 million hits on YouTube and that started a fight with the studio responsible for making the big screen version.

The three Charlotte Country Day classmates Nick Rhyne, Eddie Mansius and Maddie Moore--decided in October 2010 to bring their favorite book to life.

It s been amazing. Eddie and I have been filming since we were 10 years old, said Rhyne.

We weren t paying attention to how accurate we were, just doing it for fun. I decided to upload it so I could show the other cast members what I had done and I put it on YouTube, said Mansius.

Eddie directed and co-wrote the script with Rhyne and both also star in the movie alongside Moore.

So we all collaborated and used our own unique talents to kind if create this, said Moore.

Their budget: $30.

They put a small scene on YouTube, got picked up by a Hunger Games fan website and really took off.

It had gone from 50 views to about 1,600. This was a big deal for me, said Mansius.

They're now getting attention from fans worldwide and some unwanted attention from the production company behind the big screen.

We got a notification from YouTube that said you re video has been removed because of copyright concerns, Mansius noted.

The New York Times was working on a story about the kids, and suddenly Tuesday the video was back on YouTube.

We never wanted to steal attention. We only wanted to raise hype for the book because we loved it so much and we wanted to share that with everyone else, Moore noted.

Click here to watch their version.

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