HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. Officials at the Carolina Raptor Center are set to open the hack tower doors for the growing eaglet this week.

Carolina, born in late February, will soon get to see her nesting space from a different angle. On Thursday, May 3, the doors will open allowing the curious eaglet to venture outside of the tower.

Officials say at first Carolina will likely not exit the tower door but notice the change in her space. Gradually she will venture outside of the hack tower space.

The now sprouting eaglet was born to parents Savannah and Derek at the beginning of the year.

Her sibling, the second egg in the nest, never hatched.

The hope in opening the doors to the hack tower is that Carolina will eventually fly away.

The history of eagle nesting at Carolina Raptor Center began in 2006, when Savannah and Derek laid and hatched two eggs, resulting in the release of eagles Len and Lola into the wild. Since that time, Letha (2007), Noah (2010) and Kinsey (2011) have been released back into their natural habitat. Tracking information still is available from Len, who has traveled up and down the East Coast and into Canada, and his sister, Lola, who appears to have nested in a large eagle colony in Alabama.

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