CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The North Carolina delegation is only feet away from the action starting Tuesday night.

The First Lady Michelle Obama made a surprise visit on the stage late Monday afternoon, scoping out the podium and her teleprompter ahead of her big speech.

Her crowd Monday, though, was mainly members of the press.

Delegate Romaine Thomas was one of the few who got to see her today in the arena.

Impressed, Thomas said. I think she's absolutely smart and charming and dedicated.

Moments earlier, the First Lady was up in the suites high above the convention floor doing interviews with entertainment shows, including Ross Matthews of E! News.

I just inteviewed the first lady, and now I'm worried about my breath, Matthews joked.

Matthews was made famous by his longtime stint as Ross The Intern on the Tonight Show and now reports for E! News.

I talked to her about her husband, the campaign, about why they keep doing it, he added.

Early Monday night, leading Democrat in the house Nancy Pelosi also tested out the stage and the podium with a few others.

I've seen her many times and everytime, and I'm always impressed, added volunteer Deborah Kilpatrick Bird about the First Lady.

Michelle Obama was loose while on stage Tuesday, joking with those in attendence, The key is to not fall of the stage.

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