JOHNSTON, S.C. Several pets may soon be moved to Charlotte after 250 animals were rescued from a suspected puppy mill in South Carolina Tuesday.

The Edgefield County Sheriff's Office served a warrant on a property in Johnston, South Carolina, and the Humane Society of Charlotte said more than 200 dogs, nine horses and 40 birds were taken.

Many of those dogs have eye and skin infections and dental problems, and deputies say their owner was selling the animals on the internet.

Several veterinarians and volunteers from the Humane Society of Charlotte were called to serve as the primary rescue unit. They traveled to the site to help clean and inspect the animals, who have since been moved to Columbia.

The latest incident has officials calling for stronger animal cruelty laws.

The laws in South Carolina need to change in order to stop this kind of cruelty, said State Senator Jake Knotts from Lexington County in a statement after visiting the scene. We need to attack this problem by requiring that anyone selling animals be licensed and inspected by the state. If elected officials could witness what I did today, there would be no problem passing a state law addressing this.

It s simply unacceptable for dogs to be housed in such cruel conditions, said Kim Kelly, South Carolina state director for The HSUS. The situation we found today demonstrates the need for stronger laws in South Carolina.

There is no word yet on any arrests or when those dogs might be up for adoption.

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