CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. -- Authorities in Cabarrus County have returned to a pond in a rock quarry to search for a possible body.

Authorities are again searching a pond near N.C. Highway 49 in Cabarrus County. Last week they searched the same pond for several hours before putting the search on hold.

On Monday they returned around noon to continue the search at the rock quarry.

Officials said they received a tip that the body of a person missing from Concord might be located in a pond at the local rock quarry.

Emergency crews from the Concord Police Department and Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office are leading the search.

NBC Charlotte has been covering the disappearance of Concord resident Crystal Morrison, who has been missing since August 23 when she walked away from work.

Concord police have not indicated they have found any new leads in this case recently.

Morrison, 31, called a family member from her job at Connextions Recruiting off International Drive in Concord around 12:40 that afternoon and asked for a ride home.

When her ride came, she was already gone and left no trace of where she went. She had let a friend borrow her car that day to go pay her cell phone bill, so she didn t have her car or her cell phone with her.

Police have searched the area three times with K-9 s, and dozens of friends have searched, too.

Detectives have reviewed phone records from Connextions and security cameras from other businesses in the area. Nothing suspicious has turned up.

Authorities have not released anymore information on the specifics of the search at the pond. They also have not said if Morrison's case is related to this search.

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