CHARLOTTE, N.C. --Hundreds of small business owners and other concerned citizens packed theHarris conference centerTuesday morning tolisten towhat was billed as a, freeIn-depth, discussion on the Affordable Health Care Act also called ObamaCare

The event was called by U.S. Congressman Robert Pittenger, (R) 9th Dist. who said While there is much that I oppose in the Affordable Care Act, the reality is that it's the law and each one of us needs to be prepared for the changes, said Congressman Pittenger. A broad spectrum of organizations, including AARP, Carolinas Healthcare System, and Central Piedmont Community College have previewed the seminar.

The morning presentation lasted more than an hour, followed by a question and answer session. In the end, while many of those attended felt they gained insight, some said the know they still have a lot to learn.

Long term it means that if I'm going to provide health care for my people then I'm going to have to become an insurance expert. said RickSeifert who has owned The Pest Control Authority which is located on Monroe Road in Charlotte I just want to know the rules of the game so I can play. he said.
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