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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A dog that survived a tragic fire will soon be ready for a new home.

The dog suffered third-degree burns in a house fire that killed two toddlers who had been left home alone by their mother.

The dog, named Phoenix, was taken to Mecklenburg Animal Control after she was rescued from the Rowan Street fire two weeks ago.

We renamed her to Phoenix because she's rising from the ashes to try again, said Sandy Gainey, a veterinarian technician who cared for the dog. She was in a crate and the neighbor said there was a dog in there, and the firemen actually pulled her out.

Neighbors also rescued two older children from the fire -- a 4-year-old and 7-year-old. Both are now in foster care.

Gainey said the 7-year-old, Miracle, has visited with Phoenix.

She was saying how she used to take care of the dog, Gainey said.

The 8-month-old pit bull suffered third-degree burns.

All this is scarring, Gainey said, pointing to burns on the dog. She was in pretty rough shape. Wherever you see no hair is where she was burned. And if you look at her ears, they're crinkled because of the burns and the scarring.

Gainey said that Phoenix could lose an ear because of the damage. Despite all the pain, Gainey said the dog is a sweetheart.

She's been through a lot and she has been a trooper the whole way through, said Gainey.

Veterinarian Judi Vogt said, She's got the greatest demeanor you could probably imagine. She's wonderful. We all fell in love with her.

That's why they want to find her a good home. Phoenix will be up for adoption in a few weeks, because the children's mother is in jail charged with murder and their father can't pay the dog's medical bills or a keep a pit bull where he lives.

The animal shelter says they will make sure that 7-year-old Miracle can visit the pit bull in her new home.

We actually have rigged it up that she can stay in touch with where her dog is, Gainey said.

Animal control nursed Phoenix back to health these last two weeks, but transferred her to the Humane Society of Charlotte because animal control cannot legally place pit bulls in homes.

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