ALBEMARLE, N.C. -- A Mint Hill man has claimed one of the four top prizes in a new scrach-off lottery game.

Michael Powe picked up his $10 Ruby Red 7's scratch-off from the Tobacco Road Outlet on N.C. 24/27 East in Albemarle.

I'm a very rare ticket buyer, Powe expressed, I'm conservative. I had $10 left over after I fulled up the gas tank.

Powe scratched-off his ticket in the parking lot, and immediately called his wife to share the good news. He says his wife wouldn't believe him until she saw the ticket for herself.

Powe works as an installation and support engineer for a company that installs high-tech medical equipment. Among his plans for the winnings are giving to charity and taking a long-distance hunting excursion, perhaps to Africa or Alaska.

After taxes, the lump sum payout is worth a little over $400,000.

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