CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's impossible to sit still when you hear them.

The beat is God s heartbeat. Everyone who hears it can relate to it because it s just like their heart is beating, said Mildred King.

The beat -- is their therapy.

Deborah Scott said, Drumming keeps us fit, physically, mentally, socially, spiritually.

They are all part of the McCrorey Senior African Drummers.

The youngest is 55, the oldest is almost 90.

Scott added, Even with all the challenges senioritis brings to us, drumming keeps us in better shape.

King keeps her walker next to her.

I can t dance like I used to, but I can sit down and make movements and that s what I do.

They play throughout the community. On Martin Luther King Day, they played for an overflow crowd.

We expose ourselves to the community, to bring joy to people, happiness and the beat of the music.

No matter your age, the drummers say you just have to feel the beat.

In April the group will again compete in the annual Senior Games. They have won the performing arts category 12 years here in Mecklenburg County.

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