CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Construction continues of a busy south Charlotte road, wreaking havoc for many motorists.

Crews began work on Rea Road last July and many drivers say they've been avoiding it ever since. Joan Belk lives around the corner from the construction.

I got hung on it one day, when it first started, and I have a friend that got hung on it for over an hour.

Neighbor Jim Terrell agrees.

You have to wait. I mean sometimes you have to wait sometimes up to five, six, seven minutes, he said.

Belk also says the site can be hard to navigate.

It's kind of dangerous. When it's raining, you can't see the sides [and] all you see is people coming in and out, she said.

City crews are hard at work trying to make the road safer for drivers.

It has hills and valleys as you drive, and it's not safe for travel. So, this if the first reason for improving it, is just to improve the safety, said Imad Fakhreddin with Charlotte Engineering and Property Management.

Workers will even out the road. They'll also add turning lanes and more transportation choices.

We're going to add bike lanes. We're going to add sidewalks because there's no sidewalks. Especially in that area now, in the south you have the library, in the north you have shopping centers [and] people want to walk, said Fakhreddin.

Many living in the area say they'll wait it out, even if the construction is a headache.

Is it hard to get in and out? Sure. But, it's going to be better when it's done, you bet, said Rick Norville.

That's exactly what Fakhreddin is promising, saying it's going to be worth it. It's going to be very beautiful.

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