CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Scores filed by Mecklenburg County Health inspectors for February 6 to February 12 (scores are in percentages). Date of inspection in parenthesis.

Top 3
Bi-Lo Market
Grade 99.5
9108 Lawyers Rd.
Date of Inspection: Feb. 14

Grade 99.5
101 N. Tryon St.
Date of Inspection: Feb. 11

Wolfman Pizza
Grade 99
8504 Park Rd.
Date of Inspection: Feb. 6

Bottom 2

Bodrick's Bar-B-Q
Grade 87
3701 Statesville Ave
Date of Inspections: Feb. 12
Infractions include: Knife that was being used, stored on top of dirty refrigerator. (Feb. 12)

Mr. C's Original Chicken
Grade 90
4132 Ellie Lane
Date of Inspections: Feb 6
Infractions include: Cited for food contact surfaces not being cleaned and sanitized. (Feb. 6)

Caribbean Delights
Grade 96.5
8625 Monroe Rd.
Date of Inspection: Feb. 14

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