Another critical vote came in from Raleigh on Wednesday over control of Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

The senate passed the bill that would turn the airport over to a regional authority, taking control away from the City of Charlotte.

The bill is now on its way to the house.

It's stirred up a lot of controversy. Charlotte leaders say it's been fast-tracked in a power play. On Tuesday, things got heated in the Senate-- some calling the plan a power grab.

They've been lobbying house members to defeat the bill.

Charlotte Democrat Malcolm Graham introduced three different amendments to stop the airport authority bill. They were all defeated.

Charlotte city leaders are already planning their next step.

Republican City Councilman Andy Dulin has been fighting his own party in Raleigh.

Charlotte City Council is planning an airport governance study to figure out how to best govern the airport. The plan is to share the results with the general assembly in May.

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