CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- VUDU, an online video streaming company, sent letters to subscribers on Tuesday warning them their personal data may have been stolen.

Several people contacted NBCCharlotte and shared the email that was sent to them from the company.

In the email, the company states the VUDUoffices were broken into on March 24, and several items were stolen-- among them hard drives containing sensitive personal information of their customers.

The company says users' names, email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, account activity, date of birth and last four digits of some credit card numbers were on the hard drives stolen from the business. VUDU added that the hard drives did not contain full credit card numbers.

The stolen drives also contained VUDUaccount passwords, but the company assured the passwords are encrypted and breaking the encryption would be difficult. However, in an effort to be proactive, users are encouraged to log on to and reset their password immediately.

As a precaution, the company is offering customers a one-year subscription to an online credit-monitoring service at no cost.

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