HICKORY, N.C. -- New charges have come down against a Hickory middle school teacher accused of taking inappropriate pictures of students in class.

Scott Grantham, 50, was charged with two counts of taking inappropriate liberties with a minor. He appeared before the judge in District Court Friday, in hand-cuffs, following his arrest on the new charges.

He was only charged with these charges because these two students in particular were easy to see (on video), said Assistant District Attorney, Michael Van Buren.

Van Buren said more charges are on the way and there may potentially be more victims. Along with confiscating his home computers during a search of his house, investigators are now sifting through images on more than 30 CDs and DVDs he had in his possession.

Van Buren said they may need the assistance of the State Bureau of Investigations to get through all of the potential evidence.

During Grantham's bond hearing, Van Buren detailed what he has seen so far on some tape recordings.

He's taking pictures down their blouses. What's disturbing about it is that they are trying to get away from him and he is chasing them. Often times he is alone with these girls in the classroom, said Van Buren.

Grantham had posted his bond on the peeping charges after his arrest on Friday. He was sent back to the Catawba County Detention Center when the ongoing investigation revealed in detail how he may have been perpetrating the alleged crimes.

He would take these pictures of the young girls, you are talking junior high age students, and put them on pornographic pictures with himself, posing and having sex, in these pictures he had made, said Van Buren.

Grantham's attorney argued while pictures of himself with the student may sound offensive, It is not illegal.

He went on to say Grantham, a coach and teacher at Arndt Middle School for three years, has no criminal past. He is cooperating fully with investigators. He said Grantham has not been accused of touching the students.

Van Buren called this case unique in the way the crime was committed. He said the county has never seen anything like this before. What's more disturbing, he said, is that Grantham preyed on the vulnerable -- students with a language barrier who may have had a hard time speaking out against him.

This is someone who has a problem, has this type of fetish and somewhere or another if he is out will continue to feed this fetish. That's why we have so many images in such a long period of time, said Van Buren.

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