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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- There are some visible changes outside of a popular bar in Plaza Midwood that s made headlines for a dispute with a landowner.

Last week, an 8-foot fence was erected around three sides of The Thirsty Beaver on Central Avenue, making it difficult for patrons of the business to enter.

The bar owners rent the parking lot, and the parking lot s owner, John Hatcher Realty, put up the fence.

On Wednesday, portions of the fence were removed.

(Click here for photos of the fence, then and now)

Mark Wilson, part-owner of The Thirsty Beaver, tells NBC Charlotte that the section of the fence nearest the road was removed because of a city code violation. He says the fence violated an ordinance that stated the fence had to have been 24 or more feet from the road.

Another change that s visible, yet still a work in progress, is access to the back fire exit. A portion of the fence in front of the rear exit was removed, and a gate is currently in the installation process.

NBC Charlotte contacted John Hatcher Realty for comment, but our phone calls have not yet been returned.

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