CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- People living in some east Charlotte neighborhoods are sounding off about the train and all the noise that comes with it.

Some people in the Chantilly and Elizabeth neighborhoods have signed a petition asking for help eliminating the train horn they say blares unnecessarily throughout the day. Others, though, say the horn is part of the charm in the neighborhood and is an important safety measure.

It happens about a dozen times a day, even several times in the middle of the night.

Jen Carletto-Berg said, It's incredibly loud. It's ear piercing. If we were standing here and the train was going by, we would have to stop our conversation, couldn t hear anything at all.

The tracks are closed for about a week now, but usually the train roars through the neighborhoods.

Carletto-Berg and her three kids say they like the train, even leaving coins on the tracks for it to smash, but the horn is too much.

Mom has joined others in petitioning the city to help declare this what s called a quiet zone, where there are still safety measures, but no horn.

Others have signed a second petition, opposing the measure. It says, We love our neighborhood and the sounds that go with it.

Carletto-Berg said, I think it's worth looking into if it s not going to cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars to see if would be safe to limit the amount, or length of time blows its horn.

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