CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. The Chester County Sheriff s Office has arrested a man for allegedly setting a car on fire.

Investigators arrested Lee Raynard Robinson, 48, of Chester on Thursday after they received a call that Robinson was acting crazy .

According to police, Robinson had been told multiple times to leave a home on Ashford Road. Police say he hit the victim with a cane and then began pacing back and forth.

Authorities say Robinson then walked across the street and returned with a gas jug he then began to pour gasoline on the corner of the house and the victim s vehicle.

Law enforcement tell NBC Charlotte, Robinson told the victim he would burn her up . Police said the victim was able to stop Robinson as he was trying to ignite the fire.

Officials say he left the scene, but they were able to catch up with him and take him into custody.

Robinson has been charged with arson and attempts to burn, he s being held at the Chester County Detention Center. Currently no bond has been set for Robinson.

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