RALEIGH, N.C. -- She is the glam rocker from Cee Lo's team.

I think Cee Lo and I just fit together because he is very much into the theatrics. He gets the big stage performance, Kat Robichaud says.

She loves the theatrics of it all, having fronted a band for seven years.

If there's a crowd to surf, I'll throw myself into it.

There was a hint of that in her first two performances on The Voice. Between her moves and raspy voice, she's getting a lot of buzz.

Entertainment Weekly has been really nice. MTV wrote about me-- that s amazing because I am the MTV generation; I grew up with that, so that s surreal. Rolling Stones has written about me!

So NBC Charlotte asked Kat to play a little something for us, just a girl and her guitar in her Raleigh apartment.

She treated us to a stripped down version of a song she wrote Taylor Swift-style.

It s about all of the boyfriends that I had before I met my husband.

Kat was born in Concord and lived in Hickory.

I remember we would ride our bikes to the Dairy Queen. That was a big deal, she joked.

Her dad helped her find her voice.

He used to sing musicals to me, and he raised me on musicals.

He'd always encouraged her to try out for singing competitions.

He was so excited that I was auditioning for the show; he had been telling me to do it for years.

The last time she saw her dad she was on her way to the voice auditions.

I was practicing the songs in the laundry room because we re not the kind of family like I m gonna stand in the living room and perform for you . And as I was leaving for the audition, the last thing that my dad ever said to me was stop being so nervous, this is what you do. That s the last thing he said to me. So I really hate that I didn t get to tell him, she says wistfully.

He had a stroke and died just a few weeks before producers called to tell her she made it on to the show.

She is convinced he's still rooting her on.

I like to think he knows what s going on, because to think otherwise is just too sad.

Because she really is on the brink of everything she's worked for.

Kat performs next in the knockout rounds Monday night on The Voice.

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